Disposable Non-medical Masks 12/2/2020

We now have over 1 million disposable non-medical masks in stock and ready to ship.  These are available in blue, pink, white & yellow.

KN95 Masks 12/2/2020

NFI Masks NTRRN20-95E is our part number for the Chinese standard KN95 mask.  This mask meets the Chinese standard, but we are also testing for the European CE standard.  We expect to have this certification complete by March 2021.

FDA 510k Status 12/2/2020

The NFI Masks engineering team has completed initial testing on our disposable surgical mask line.  Our level 1 mask is expected to have 510k testing complete by 01/22/2021.  For our level 2 and 3 surgical mask our testing is expected to be complete by 02/05/2021. 

About NFI Masks
During the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in early March, National Filters, Inc. of Harbor Beach MI, answered the call to tool up and make face masks for the American people.
Through this endeavor NFI Masks LLC was born as the manufacturing and sales arm for various styles and levels of face masks. NFI Masks created a second plant in Fort Myers in June 2020
and since that time has created 30 new jobs with plans of doubling its workforce by February 2021. NFI Masks takes pride in manufacturing a quality 100% American made product
by using only US made raw materials. Since inception over 10 million masks have been produced. Current capacity is 4 million masks per month with an anticipated output increase
to 15 million masks per month come the new year.

Key Details
Duns #: 117752338 | Cage Code: 8SL56
NAICS Codes: 339113 / 423450 | NIGP Codes: 345-7248 / 475-6256 / 475-6257 475-6258 |PSC Codes: 4240 / 6510 / 6515 / 6532 / 8415
NIST 800-171 Compliant